you sirs are UNDER ARREST for stealing. you have stolen my heart without permission now go to jail
stuff i like: donghae, hyukjae, donghae oN hyukjae, donghae with hyukjae, hyukjae next to donghae, anything to do with hyukjae or donghae, bb hae's, food, pizza, internet, free wifi, photoshop
if i'm not active or haven't been active for a while, it's all because of school. senior years are killing me send heLP!!!//!??!
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pls hyukjae.txt


Hey guys. I just got off from my work and…working out.

how to handle with hacker - Eunhae’s tyle~


it’s so nice being alive at the same time as you

140723 Mezamashi Live -EunHae-
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D-6: 6 days until Leeteuk’s Return \(◕ω◕✿)/